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About Me

Essex Based Tattoo Artist

Since as long as I remember, I have always had a pencil or something to make a mark on something in my hand. School was never a friend to me except for art and design where my imagination would run wild, proving that my life will end up being taken on an artistic road one way or another.

I had a graffiti and skateboarding background so the norm was never a route to take from day one. Everything seemed so much more appealing and interesting being a bit of an outcast. Hell there was so much of it around, my view was mainly from the USA with Videos of skateboarding with a live for today attitude, movies of bikers living free and doing what they want, when they want. One such activity which bonded this way of life was tattoos amongst others. Flipping the bird to conformity. 

I tried for years to get an apprenticeship, but the early to late 90's had a Im not gonna train you kind of attitude so i thought it wasnt meant to be. Then in around 2001/2002 I met Aaron Hewitt. He was a Tattooing in a shop in Grays, Essex called Living Image that he was running. I started an apprenticeship with him. It was nice learning with him as I saw him progress into who he is now and Ive learnt alot from him. I pretty much finished my apprenticeship in 2005 and my life has changed so much since that time, it has given me the opportunity of fulfilling my dreams of travelling for pleasure but also for me to explore cultures i have been interested in over the years. New zealand, Borneo, Hawaii, Easter Island, Mexico and central America, India and Japan to name but a few, the list is obviously endless. 

 Aaron opened the shop 'Cult Classic Tattoo' (CCT) in Romford in February 2003 to which i have been ever since. The shop has such an awesome vibe to it that not only our customers enjoy but our extensive list of guest artists we have had and still will have in the future. The shop has just recently changed premises and is due to open after the lockdowns of the COVID pandemic.

As of 4th June 2024 I have moved full time to Homeward Bound Tattoo in Leigh-on-sea.


The style of tattooing i enjoy is more pattern work, dotwork, celtic I love the different styles of tribal tattooing based on the designs of carvings, fabrics, tattoos and general drawings of the countries i have visited but in fairness all types of tattooing are equally enjoyable to do.

Thankfully working in an awesome shop, the amount of influence and talent is shockingly high. My aim is to make each of my customers feel welcome and to try my best and give you a life changing tattoo that you will be proud of.

I am a custom tattooist, making a tattoo designed for you. Working with you every step of the way to ensure the design is of the highest standard.

Thank you



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