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My Career

Apprenticeship at Living Image 2002

Grays, UK

Apprenticeship continued at Urban Art 2004

Romford, UK

Urban Art turned into Cult Classic Tattoo

Started full time 2006 - June 2024

Started  Working One day at Eternal Art 2006 - 2008

Upminster, UK

Started working One day a week At Skynyard 2011 - 2012

Southend, UK

Started One day a week at Goodship 13 2013 - 2014

Hadleigh, UK

Homeward Bound 3 days a week

2020 - present


Guest spots

Westside tattoo

Brisbane, Australia 2005

Honest Tattoo April 2007

Athens, Greece

Higgins and co May 2014

Eastbourne, UK

Inkredible Kreations July 2014

Scotland, UK

Buju Tattoo Oct 2014

San Diego CA USA

Clan of Tusk July 2015

Brugge, Belgium

Clan of Tusk March 2016

Brugge, Belgium

Eightfold Tattoo March 2016

Devon, UK

Buju Tattoo June 2016

San Diego CA USA

Eightfold Tattoo July 2017

Devon, UK

Eightfold Tattoo July 2018

Devon, UK

La Familia July 2018

Cornwall, UK

Buju Tattoo Jan 2019

San Diego CA USA

Higgins and Co​ Sep 2023

Eastbourne, UK 

Dove and Toad Mar 2024

San Diego CA USA

Outdoor Traditions Mar 2024

San Diego CA USA

1770 Tattoo Brighton May 2024



Derby Tattoo Convention 2005

Cheltenham Tattoo Convention 2007 Brighton Tattoo Convention 2008

Essex Tattoo Convention 2008

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2009

Essex Tattoo Convention 2009

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2010

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2011

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2012

Norwich Tattoo Convention 2012

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2013

Tattoo Tea party Manchester 2015

Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2015

Bristol Tattoo Convention 2015

Brugge Tattoo Convention 2015

Galway Tattoo Convention 2015 

Bristol Tattoo Convention 2016

Bristol Tattoo Convention 2017

Bristol Tattoo Convention 2018

Bristol Tattoo Convention 2022

Bristol Tattoo Convention 2023

Silver Needles Charity event 2010

Valentine Art Show 2013

Help Us Help Dan Charity event 2016

Pride and Glory Skin and Bone event 2016


Total Tattoo April 2013

Total Tattoo May 2014

Tattoo Life Yearbook 2014

Total Tattoo Feb 2015

Sang bleu 

History: Welcome
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